David McCooey

Since receiving my PhD from Sydney University I have been living and
working in Geelong (Victoria), where I am currently senior lecturer in
literary studies at Deakin University. I have written two books. The
first, Artful Histories: Modern Australian Autobiography, is literary
criticism, and the second, Blister Pack, is a book of poems. Each won
a literary award. I have a daughter, and I am married to the writer
Maria Takolander. Maria and I work together at Deakin. For fun I play

The calendar discreetly
points out that our
days are numbered.

The mountain in the distance
writes its brutal
contract in stone.

All the nation’s hospitals
are filled with
ancient pictographs.

The significance of
even these simplest of things
still keeps evading us,

The daylight that shines through
our house, the creatures
that bathe in the light.