Colleen Lynch

I won't be back in Perth until late April, so I'm afraid I am going to miss
the reunion.

The thought of a primary school reunion is far more appealing than a high
school one for me, I've so many more fond memories. The art shed, the pool,
the 'blackies' area, the adventure play ground (trying to do a flip and
landing flat on my back), the monkey bars, sports days on the oval, the
drinking fountains and the hand ball courts, the lunch sheds. The bike
racks down the side of the school and the 'chinese apple' trees. We had a
whole universe in what now must look like a tiny little space of land.

In Year 7 there were the disco Fridays in the class room and probably rather
painful 'socials'. We thought we were all so cool.

Let's see who I can remember and what I remember about them.

- Yourself and the pool table in the garage, your mum having biscuits in a
jar or tin, playing board games in your house. Going on bike rides which I
think Jonathan was generally the organiser of. We 3 did loads together as
- Jonathan with his trampoline in the back garden and pianos with paper
- Sarah and her 'famous' mayor father and her adopted brother, Graham.
- Rodney Mongoo whose foster dad was a policeman and I think lived on the
corner near you.
- Gabrielle, Fiona and Lara who were almost like an Enid Blyton novel (the
adventurous three).
- Andrew Webb who broke his arm.
- Richard Sprogo who was descended from CY O'Connor.
- Cindy who was my close buddy for quite a while
- Charlene (also a close buddy for a period), Margo and Sonya who came from
the school near Perth Modern when it became a Distance Learning centre.
- Rowena who's dad was a doctor.
- Connie and Franstine who were inseparable for years.
- Andrew Brown the professor amongst us
- Gus (is he still wearing the shiny suits I wonder) and slightly bad boy
- The unfortunate and mal-fated Brad Dwight
- Audrey who had a big party in our last year.

There are more faces that I can recall but I forget the names, mostly the
boys I think. I'm sure to think of more over coming days.

A quick synopsis of where I've been in the past 30 years (if of any

The working life started rather unglamorously as a filing clerk with Dept.
Social Security, but after 2 years, I managed to make my way into the
Computer Services Department and learn a trade in IT and I'm still trying to
learn it after all these years. I did all the usual things that you do in
your early twenties and a few more besides probably, but no details.

In 1993, I donned the backpack and spent a year of travel/working holiday in
Europe. I traced my paternal roots and satisfied my curiosity about large
complex Irish families. Returning to Perth briefly, I then moved to Canberra
in Sept 1994.

In Jan 1996 I went off to France for an experimental 6 months to live with
my then boyfriend, but it all went horribly wrong and I ended back in
Canberra single, heartbroken and miserable. I did what any sensible girl
does and bought a horse, studied at uni part-time and worked full time in a
rather demanding role.

However, in early 1998, out of the blue, I was offered a job in Singapore
with a bank called Standard Chartered. In the space of about 6 weeks, I
sold the horse, gave away or sold many of my possessions, boxed up the rest
and moved to Singapore - as you do. After about 15 months, the boss I had
been working for enticed me to follow him to another bank, a Dutch bank
called Rabobank. I spent 3.5 years in Singapore doing some travel in the
region but not half as much as I probably should have and I had the great
fortune to punctuate the last year with a 4 month secondment to Tokyo - on
company expense. Finally I decided that my days of waterskiing in the
slightly dodgy Kallang River and dealing with tropical heat needed to come
to an end.

SO, in Sept 2001, I transferred with Rabobank to their London office and
once again, moved country. Possibly not the best time to have arranged
international travel and as I was busy packing on the 11th, I had no idea
what was happening in New York at the time. It was a day later that I heard
the news.

I stayed with Rabobank another 4 years, bought a house in London (well, the
bank owns it really) and 'settled down'. But nothing is forever in my life
so at the end of July 2005 I parted company with Rabo to look for another
challenge. After a month's break, I then started working for another Dutch
bank, ABN Amro, which is where I work now. OK so the new challenge was
possibly just more of the same on the work front. However, after years of
confirmed singledom, I finally met my soulmate, Gavin, in March 2005 and now
I appear to be permanently stuck with him.

We will be returning to Perth for Gavin's second visit in late April. I
managed to ignore the plea to go in December for the Ashes (he should be
grateful really) and also the plea to go to Adelaide in January for the Tour
down Under (who goes to Adelaide in the middle of summer to watch a bunch of
blokes on bicycles?), but had I known about the reunion, perhaps I'd be
coming in March?!

I hope that the reunion goes really well and that you all have a fantastic
time catching up and reminiscing. It was a great school and a good year to
be in. A big hello to everyone that turns up and hats off to Jonathan and
Sarah for having the motivation and drive to organise it.