Lauterbrunnen and Murren

The vineyards on the way from Chatel to Lauterbrunnen

The first evidence of the damage caused by the rain across Europe. There were many little land slides along the way and then the roads around Interlaken were closed due to flooding.

My first night in Lauterbrunnen. They were surprised I wanted to stay as there was no power for the hot water system due to the flooding. Fortunately it came on later in the evening so I had a lovely push-button shower in the morning.


Beer! Wine! Anyone would think I was an alcoholic!

The Swiss cater for the walkers well - lots of benches along the walkways.

A cable car on the way to Murren.

Murren railway station.

I walked along the rim from Murren to Gusthalp.

The funicular station in Lauterbrunnen.

Lauterbrunnen from the train from Wengen.

The last night in Lauterbrunnen. I have changed the tent from last year - I just couldn't face putting up a tent with the Union Jack on it.