It's just so beautiful!

It didn't look hopeful that we would see anything once we got to the top

Out of order - Me on top

Out of order 2 - The best bought meal of the trip

Inside the tunnel on the way up.

The view from one of the observation windows on the way up

The new 'Luxury' trains.

As I had woken at 6am to catch the first train up the mountain, I was the first on the platform of The Sphinx.

The Sphinx!

An early morning view down the valley with the cloud cover evident, fortunately well below the top station.

The Ice Palace enterance.

Views from the outside viewing area from below The Sphinx.

I went for a 45 minute walk around the area towards a bar, where I wrote postcards and had a lovely late morning beer! The Sphinx is on top of the rocky outcrop.

I decided to have one final look from the Sphinx before I had to be off by 12:45pm (part of the deal for the early monring ticket)

The view from where I ate lunch - the photo of me eating should be here

I decided to walk down from where I had lunch - this was at about the half way mark.

This guy was across the payh - I must admit I gave it a wide berth.

I joined up with an English couple for most of the way down - she was a ski guide and he a ski instructor. The views on the way down were stunning.